Can I do college with 22/23 years old?

I'm currently 17 years old. My idea of the future was to finish my high school , after finishing it , after doing the 12 grade, I wanted to do military by 2 years. And then i wanted to do college outside the military just for the fun of it and my studies and life experiences. Can i do it at 22/23 years old? I mean start college? I'm from Portugal , It's not the same thing in America or anywhere else , but i want answers still.


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  • Oh yes. You could do it if you were 32/33. Or 42/43. I've taught at the university level in multiple countries and I've seen it everywhere. It shouldn't be meaningfully different in Portugal.

    The one proviso is that probably the best part of the college experience for 18- to 22-year-olds is getting to be around lots of single people your own age who are looking for relationships and fun. If you start college when you're 22, then, when you're a first-year student, you'll frequently be in classes with girls who are four years younger than you are, and at that age it's a big difference. This would be a limiting factor for you socially and romantically.

    But go for it if it feels right to you. Good luck. :)

    • Well now that you mention , i think girls would look at me like the older hot guy. Don't you think? :s

    • Potentially, but that doesn't often translate into actual relationships at that age. :)

    • Thank you :D Apreciated your opinion