Wanna visit Croatia. Are there any people from Croatia here? What places to visit, how expensive are things?

I've always had a thing for Croatia and I think it's very beautiful. I wanna save and visit it next year and I was wondering if there are people from Croatia here that can provide me with a list of places to visit, especially some sea-side resorts.
I need to know how expensive are things around there: food, transportation, restaurants, how hard it is to communicate with locals in English, if there are areas to avoid (and why?),
Tell me everything :)


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  • I went there roughly 3 years ago

    Food-eh if you like sausage dishes and soups you will like their food
    Transportation- perfect. The bus system was amazing.
    People-nice as hell especially if you are a Catholic
    Price-I went as a birthday present so I am not sure I went dubrovnik and stayed on the beach practically everyday

    • Wow birthday present. Nice. Well I am a bit picky when it comes to food and it does not sound delicious from what you are telling me :)
      I am not catholic, but how can they tell what religion am I? :)
      Regarding transportation, do you remember how much you were paying to move around?

    • Depends on your route. If you are traveling to another big city its about 20 bucks per ticket. They have countless routes. Traveling to a big city takes like 3 hours. So Thats 20 bucks for a 3 hour ride.
      Lol they can't tell but it just helps to fit in with the people
      The food is slavic I guess so it was a lot of sausage and soup and bread.

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