Do people realize that smoking is a waste of money, bad on health and is just not attractive?

So, why do it?

I'm talking about smoking ANYTHING


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  • I think lots of people think that way and are addicted. And lots of people still think it's cool or they're being rebels or whatever.
    Just one more drawback - smoker's semen tastes FOUL. Never doing that again...


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  • Do you realize every time a smoker sees something like this it makes them smoke another.
    By people putting commercials on tv about they're pushing people more towards it.
    Isolation for doing something that's been in our culture for hundreds of years is wrong and prejudice.
    If you want to help someone quit just help them quit don't isolate them and make them feel like crap for something they started because of stress, depression, or anxiety because It's just wrong


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  • I have never smoked, but even i know that people do it to feel good. Quit being an asshole and let people do whatever they wanna do. Why does it bother you so much?

  • They all have the same excuse. "Just for fun"