How many of men are not able to have a girlfriend?

Is this number very high? I think it must be. I've never had a girlfriend.


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  • here's the thing, every man is able to get a girlfriend. But there are one of 3 things stopping him:
    1- No confidence when speaking to woman.
    2- neglecting himself (hygiene, fitness, grooming)
    3- Looking too desperate.

    Fix these things, you will get a girlfriend.

    • I dont think so. Girls are too choosy.

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    • I mostly agree with you, Intellectiskey.
      However, in a few cases there are factors beyond their control. I know some people like that. It wouldn't matter how confident they were (and I wrote a question about this, and virtually all women agreed that all the confidence in the world couldn't help some physically unattractive men), or how well groomed they are. The guys I know are disfigured, some have speech impediments, and other factors which are out of their control.

      However, fortunately for the overwhelming majority of men what you said is quite correct.

    • Well, it is too difficult to me

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  • No, I don't think the number is very high. Most men and women I know have, at one time or another, found someone.

    Why do you think you've never had a girlfriend?

    • I can't reach girls' high standarts.

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    • I am not enough for girls' standarts. So I know I could never date a girl.

    • I am not much of a man for a girl

  • never had one here! I'd like to. I'm trying to meet girls. Every girl I meet is taken already though T. T

  • Probably higher than we think, sperm is cheap, eggs are expensive