Only little people are vicious, no?

i don't know people well enough in the real world to have something to compare against, but, generally speaking, i believe people who are happy, good looking, got everything going well for them in real life, are generally not bitter or vicious, and those that are bitter and hateful, generally have a pretty sh1t life overall.

and with all the absolutely poisonous and hateful comments and fights that you see on the internet, i can't help but be convinced that, these people must be an absolute loser in life, now?


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  • I've had the exact opposite experience in real life..
    In real life the true bitter and vicious people are the ones who seem have it going for themselves they tend to pry on the meek or those going through roof times. They devalue them based off things like looks and money.

    Versus the one who may not have it all they still find ways to be happy even though they don't have it all together.

    On the Internet, I think anyone who wastes time being malicious probably indeed doesn't have a life but then again I've seen malicious people on a anonymous apps who actually turned about to be educated students, professors etc.. Not the people you'd expect

    Since there are a variety of losers with hidden identies I now just classify loser as someone who wastes time with trivial internet things "gang related etc" but racist, bullies, bitter and spiteful people come in all classes from educated to poor


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  • I heard that people who don't like animals/taking care of animals are bitter people.

    • is goldfish and tortoise considered animals because i don't mind having those.

      but dogs and cats just creeps me out, with their sh1t and smells and hair and coming near me.

    • Of course man, taking care of one's pets and seeing them happy should be enough to make oneself happy.

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  • I find poor people are the nicest people and they have the worst lives. I think everyone is capable of both though