Why does this guy wear the same shirt every day?

He's NOT poor, trust me.

He wears the same shirt... every day!

It's a v-neck blue shirt.

I used to know a guy like that, and I'm pretty sure he didn't shower and just wore the same shirt every day for three days until he decided to change it.

Do boys not realize just how slobby/messy/disgusting that is?


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  • Maybe it is not the same shirt and he likes it so he has more than one of them?

    • It's the same shirt. I checked his facebook and he's wearing the same shirt in his picture too.

      I started realizing halfway through the semester he wears the same shirt, so I'd actually keep a lookout for it, and surely enough... same shirt.

    • Well if it is actually the same one physically then yeah that is gross but if he bought like 5 shirts that are the same and changes everyday so it looks the same but is actually a clean shirt that is not gross. I would not want to do that though.

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  • How do you know he hasn't got a stash of the same colour shirts like that in his wardrobe? Lol

    Beats me.

    • That is what I was trying to say, he may have a stash of the same shirts.

    • @appefan1 that would sound like the more logical reason as to why he would have the same shirt on.

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  • He's probably just a lazy ass. I don't like wearing the same shirt more than a day, sometimes I have to when I spend the night at a friend's house. Same with shorts/pants. If you're good enough friends and you know he won't hate you for it you might want to tell him. Because chances are that you're not the only person who thinks that.

    • lol even his facebook picture has the same blue v-neck... it's so sad.

      This guy is actually smart in real life, but I think he has no social skills or something, because he does silly things.

    • Yeah probably. Maybe that's the only shirt he feels comfortable in or that he doesn't have many shirts that he likes. Maybe its an emotional attachment. It's kinda hard to know. If you actually care enough you could try to talk to him about it. Make sure you don't sound like an asshole but you sound serious and caring. If you do talk to him let me know how it plays out if you want. I know that I have certain shirts that I have avoided wearing around certain people because of bad memories attaching that shirt and the person. I also know that I have bought a shirt with a certain person in mind. So good luck with your conversation if you decide to have one. The awkward guys are generally pretty good guys in the inside, but not all so just be careful. Have a great week and once again good luck!

  • May be he doesn't like variety, he particularly likes that shirt.

  • he is 2 lazy 2 do wash.

  • he's rockin the doug funny


  • he sounds depressed. and just doesn't care.

    • He doesn't look depressed in class. He's pretty studious or so it seems

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