Is anybody else embarrassed that you used to really like something you should have hated?

For example I used to love twilight but the ironic thing is, is that the first time i tried read it i stopped because I thought it was boring but then a friend of mine asked me what part I was at and she told me that I was just getting to the good part and I so I tried it again and I loved it. But when I finished the last book of the series I was so pissed because Stephanie Meyer made a big deal about this war between vampires and werewolves but nobody does and the war ends with practically a handshake. War is dark and depressing nobody even died WTH? I had never felt so betrayed by an author I read all those books for nothing I wanted to stop reading but I love reading so much, that I will always come back to it.
I had to have been drunk because I was not in my right mindset when I liked twilight not only that but Jacob marrying Bella's daughter, renesmee? come on that is creepy.


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  • YES... yes... u won't believe how much i HATE now things i used to use/do 5-6 years or more. i shouldn't be fan of philosophy, occultism, politics and BS like dat... fuck my shitty teen-mindset

    • Heyyy philosophy's good :)

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    • welcome!

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  • Get yourself a kindle they are really good and there is such a huge range of books on there


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