How do I deal with this? Help?

So i got a job in a different city which is bigger than the one i live in.

I have to leave my home.. the so called nest.. where i have all type of luxuries...
How will i adjust in the big city? Where i have no friends or families mostly... i may live with my dad cause he works in the same city... or i may live alone if i go to another city..!
I feel worried... I feel i am gonna be alone... with no one to talk to!
I know i will make new friends... but right now i see my future completely blank and alone...
Why do i feel this way? 😞

Have anyone of you felt this way when you felt your home?

  • yup with time i was fine
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  • no i still feel alone
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  • oh... you will be fine buddy!
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  • with time its fine.


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  • Don't move then why mess with something that's already great you will get plenty of more job opportunities I doubt this job you got is really that great like what's the pay?


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  • I didn't move too far from home, but I understand the concern. It may take you a while to get adjusted, but you will be okay. Focus on getting settled at your job and then go out when you can and want to meet new people. You may even meet some great people at your job!

    Things will work out. :)


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