Football / Soccer question: Who's going to be the next English Premier League Champions?

The new season starts next weekend. So who's going to be champions come May?
Football / Soccer question: Who's going to be the next English Premier League Champions?

  • Chelsea
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  • Manchester City
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  • Arsenal
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  • Manchester United
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  • Tottenham Hotspur
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  • Liverpool
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  • Chelsea are still the team to beat I think. Although they don't seem to have made any major new signings and if Costa gets injured like he always seem to be, they could be caught. I do think they will win it though.

    Man City have only really signed Sterling, I think they needed to spend that money on more defensive players as that's there weakness, especially in midfield. They will finish 2nd or 3rd.

    Arsenal have a good chance now that they have a good goalkeeper. They could surprise Chelsea and finish top. If they can be consistent, which is a big if.

    Man Utd haven't really improved there defence which was shocking last season. So they will fall short again. They need another striker too, Rooney doesn't score enough. Depay is a good signing though I think and keeping De Gea in goal s a massive plus for them.

    Liverpool & Tottenham will be no way near to winning the title. Both will hope to finish in the top 4. Liverpool probably have a good chance if their new signings perform well. There defence need to improve too.

    Everyone else will be happy not to be relegated.


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  • Probably Chelsea, I know they lost today but it's just one game... Chelsea are just a strong unit and less liable to lose points to smaller teams. Unless United make more transfers and good ones we'll be aiming for fourth again. Man City don't look too good either, lost quite badly to a team who almost got relegated from the Bundesliga last season.

  • Hope i said Liverpool but i can see us winning the league aside from that there will be 2 big premier title contenders Chelsea and Arsenal, personally i am impressed how Arsenal kept their star players and added some world class players like cech and Sanchez i think they will be contenders this season, Man City is not good enough in my eyes specially if they dont improve this defense which was very poor last season and it looks like they will not add players in those positions. Man utd and Liverpool as well as Tottenham will fight for the top 4.

    Who will be champions? Again LIVERPOOL <3 lol

  • Millwall will win...

  • I want to say Liverpool, but it's going to be Chelsea again.