What qualifications do you need in order to be recruited for the FBI?

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  • - Must be 23 to 36 years old
    - Must be a US citizen or a citizen or the Northern Mariana Islands
    - Must have at least a Bachelor's degree from an accredited university/college
    - Must have a valid US driver's license
    - Must have at least 3 years of professional work experience

    Those are the minimum requirements, but you can read more about it here -- https://www.fbiagentedu.org/fbi-requirements/

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    • Two points: Veterans can get waivers on the max age. And those requirements are for the Special Agent positions. They do not necessarily apply to other positions, so you can be recruited by the FBI without meeting those requirements. Especially in specialty fields where your expertise is needed.

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  • 1. Not on the most wanted list.
    2. Not on a Sexual Offenders list
    3. Not a spy for a foreign government
    4, Tall enough to see over the dashboard without sitting on a telephone book
    5. Have some kind of knowledge of the English language
    6, Not in a coma
    7, Not related to Donald Trump
    8. Don't accompany Secret Service Agents to visit hookers.

  • You can check it out there :- https://www.fbiagentedu.org/fbi-requirements/

    But I think they will hire you if you managed to answer this question (correctly) :- www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q1117315-let-s-play-a-game-code-breaking


  • I can tell you only that I know it to be very difficult to join the FBI. Few people would be "recruited" because there are so many extremely strong applicants. The only person I know of who was personally recruited was Frank Abignale of "Catch Me If You Can" fame, and that was a very special situation, since he was in prison at the time, etc. Only people with that kind of exceptional knowledge and experience would be recruited.

    I personally know of great, talented, experienced and admired cops who very much wanted to start a career in the FBI and who were not accepted. It is a dream job for many people in US law enforcement.

  • Was going to google but looks like I was beaten to it - I don't where I got the idea from but I kinda thought that it was done internally recruiting from police forces and police academies.