Girls, message out of the blue two years later... what would you think?

If a guy you met at an event and kinda liked but he didn't ask you out or for your number or anything messaged you two years later to see if you'd want to get coffee and catch up, what would you think? Is there a way he could do it without coming off as being weird?



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  • First off: slow down with the bumps pls xd it's been 30 min since you posted, give us some time to think and respond tyvm :)

    It would depend, what kind of event, if I really liked him that much etc. But asking doesn't hurt? If I remembered him then I would be okay with it sure.

    Though you might want to chat with her first... it's been 2 years so don't be like:

    Hey we met 2 years ago here and here let's go for coffee.

    Talk first, see if she is busy etc. etc. get comfy again and then you can ask in my opinion :)

    Try at least, you'll regret not trying.

    Good luck!

    • It was a recruitment dinner. We sat next to each other and talked a lot. I had ridden my bike there and was about to ride off after, but stopped to have her remind me her name, and she invited me to walk with her so I walked her home and we kept talking. Biggest mistake I made was not asking her for her number or to go out then and there. She did invite me on Facebook to a party last fall. I couldn't make it, but it seems like she at least remembered me then.

      Would it be better in your opinion to just invite her to the next party I throw and see if she comes? then I could talk to her there instead of messaging her out of nowhere

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    • yeah, that is also a bit of a concern. At the time we met, I'm pretty sure she did have a boyfriend. Now, her Facebook says she's in a relationship, but doesn't say who with, and there isn't anything on her profile to suggest she is, so I don't know what to think

    • Yeah that might be awkward :P
      Just keep it in the back of your head that there is a chance she has a boyfriend. Expect friendship, and if you can't then safe yourself the hardship I guess. There are more awesome girls like her (probably) there are billions of people, so there will be someone.

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  • I think it is cute. There is no such thing as being weird. If there is one thing I know, if you want someone, you should take a chance and do not worry about whether she finds it strange. As no matter what you do, if the girl likes you, she'll accept it.

    • Well that's reassuring. So its more important to say something than over analyze what exactly to say?

    • Yes! My friends also always tell me that I should stop over analyzing. So just do it.

  • Really weird. I've had that happen actually, a boy my brother was friends with messaged me two years after we used to talk in algebra class together. We never were close, it confused me, and he wanted to take me to a rock show and I was just like "?" it seems so random but if you think you two had a genuine connection, go for it.

  • I would be happy that I gave such a impression to him and that he couldn't find another girl like me. I would just worry if someone wants to damage me this way so if there is something behind it.

    • what do you mean if someone wants to damage you this way?

    • Maybe not damage, but has another scope than just wanting to date me.

  • it is okay, if i am single , and i am ready to start dating , and i liked u , then why not?

    • fair enough. thanks for the opinion

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