How would you react if this was your friend`?

So my sister friend is kinda special apparantly. I dont know her that well , but i went to school with her and she is, or was my sisters friend.

My sister was with her (The friend, lets call her S) and three other guys last night. One guy (R) has been involved with S for 5 years on and off, the second guy (E) is her ex and the third guy (T) is in a situation where it seems like she is messing with his head. So what happend was that while all of the were hanging out S and R started making out, like a lot, in front of everyone. After a short while E got sick of it and left the room. Suddenly S and R went to the bathroom and stayed there for a long while (later finding out they had sex after S told my sister). Afterwards S started to talk to T about how she didn't like R, that she wanted him to help her get away from him and started to share all her feelings with him, but the second R came into the room again she jumped on his lap and started to make out with him. Then S went to the room where E was and started making out with him and they apparantly were fooling around (either having sex or fingering/handjobs).. Then suddenly S started throwing up for no obvious reason

In addition she keeps oversharing personal stuff like how she has had threesoms and how she has slept with girls..

Ofc its non of my business, but what would you do if this was your friend?


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  • kinda confused though about wot happened... so u say "S" had sex wid both "R" and (probably) "E" ?

    anyway first of all i'd not say anything... her life her rules i'd not judge her choices... now about her...

    "Afterwards S started to talk to T about how she didn't like R, that she wanted him to help her get away from him and started to share all her feelings with him, but the second R came into the room again she jumped on his lap and started to make out with him."

    ^eh.. that's weird isn't it? just after havin sex... started to talk shit about him, then after he returned she made out wid him? T should be a fool to believe this... but anyway yeah she tried to make-out wid T as well, bur R came back and didn't happen.

    "Then suddenly S started throwing up for no obvious reason"

    ^there r possibly 2 xplanations.

    -she gave him oral as it seems... and she started to throw-up for... obvious reasons.
    -she was actually drunk.

    i tend to believe #2... her behavior resembles more this one of a drunk person... i cannot believe someone sober would act like dat... unless he/she has 0 sanity


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  • I generally stay quite neutral and don't get into my friends' love businesses very much (even with my very best friend). Of course I hear them out and I talk with them about some stuff and maybe give them some advice but that's basically it. I don't want to get involved in these kind of things because I've learned my lessons from a previous experience. I had an experience a few years back where one of my best friends cheated on his girlfriend and admitted it to me because he believed he could trust me. I was so shocked (and a little younger...) that I ended up snitching everything to his girlfriend and telling her that she should break up with him. His girlfriend was also a pretty good friend of mine. However, she absolutely din't react in the way I had expected and instead of thanking me for revealing all this to her, she was actually pissed at me and told me that I'm being too nosy and involving myself too much in THEIR relationship. Of course my best friend was also super pissed at me for abusing his trust and said he doesn't want to be my friend anymore. In the end, I've lost two very good friends, one of which I had known for almost 8 years. I still get very sad when I think about all the great things we experienced together.
    What I've learnt from this is that getting involved is almost never worth it. Hence I have adopted one of my home country's favorite principles: neutrality. When it comes to my friend's sex and love affairs, I am being all Swiss. I will ask them about it, listen, maybe give advice... but at the end of the day it's their thing only and I don't want to have to do with it. In the case of this friend of your sister, it's pretty simple: obviously she's messing around with these guys and abusing their trust. But the point is: they have to find this out themselves. If they can't see that they're being used, that's their problem. And same goes for your sister's friend. Obviously she's being a terrible, selfish person but she has to find that out herself. There's no point in telling her because she would probably deny it anyways. You're sister should just be thinking: "As long as this girl is nice to me, I don't even want to know what she is doing with other people". It might sound a little opportunistic but that's the best way to handle difficult people.


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