Should I add her in Google+?

Ok so my crush moved over a month ago and her brother is my friend and so is their older sister. I have those 2 numbers but not my crush's. I know them from my church. Anyway they left the end of February then came back in May, and moved in June. During the time they were back it has kinda been complicated between me and her, but I don't want to go in two much detail. There were a few good signs but other times I don't know if she's shy or what. Anyway the last time we saw them before they left she actually said bye to me first. Then they left and I never saw them again. So, this past month has been kinda depressing. I got Facebook so I could be social and all that. I found out none of their family has it which is kind of a bummer. But they all have Google+ accounts. I'm thinking of most likely adding her brother to my circles, but I don't know about her. They both only have their family in each other's circles and one other person I don't know. Probably an old friend. Anyway I'm probably gonna add him to my circles but I'm not so sure about my crush. We haven't really had much but she still showed some good signs. She also said bye to me too, so if you could also let me know if that's a good sign as well.

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And IF I do add her to circles would she add me back? Shey'll probably be notified of it


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  • I have never met a person that actually used Google+ so congratulations. You've surprised me.


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