Is it possible to get to a point in life where you can't physically cry anymore?

I've gotten to a stage in life where i dont think its actually physically possible to shed anymore tears.
I've lost both my nans and my father in less then 8 months, my mum now has brain damage due to her ever present seizures, I've been screwed over by two guys in the last 2 weeks and found out im to be going back to fostercare.

So yeah its been a pretty eventful year and i've shed more tears then i ever thought possible but now it just feels as if i've been run dry as if i can't possibly lose anything else, it feels as if i have been stripped of all emotions.

Do we think its possible?


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  • nope. impossible, maybe temporarily but impossible


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  • After awhile when life has thrown you a Cruel curve ball as Much as it has thrown to You here, dear, you at First fall apart because you are Not strong just yet and haven't hit Rock bottom, so naturally the tears and the fears come gushing and pushing through.
    However, as time goes on and it is this full circle pattern of maybe bad luck or just what life has bestowed upon you, you then bite the bullet and Now you have Learned how to Endure More and there isn't anymore crying or even trying that you can let flow because you have Learned... To let Go and let God.
    You are one of the unfortunate ones of God's creatures, sweetie, chosen for some reason to be the Carrier of this uncanny cross to bear.
    However, with faith, hang in there. I feel someday all your goodness and strength will come back to you with something more special in store for you and hopefully life can begin again for you.
    Good luck and blessings. xx

    • Thankyou I appreciate your opinion more then you could ever know xx

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    • Thankyou!!

    • So welcome, sweetie.:)) xxoo

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  • You have lost all hope in life, that's why you aren't crying

    • Seems about right, thankyou

  • With time your close bonds will likely grow stronger, making loss all the more real and hard.

    • Damn I was hoping that wouldn't happen

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    • To enjoy the good moments as often as you can with the people you care about? You've only got a minute on this planet... Don't waste it. It will pass like sand through your fingers...

    • Alright

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