Any advice for someone moving out on their own for the first time?

i am 19 years old and I can't afford to go back to college. I finished one year but i pay for school myself and i can't afford to go back this year. my dad is giving me 6 months to move out on my own. I will have to get an apartment, car payments, insurance, and pay off my student loans. I am not ready at all to move out but he said I have 6 months to get my life together and after that he doesn't care where i go as long as i am not in his house. Does anyone have any advice to help me out? i really need it.


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  • First thing you need to do is get a job. Or jobs something that will give you at least 40hrs a week or more. Probably more.

    After you have a job you need to calculate how much you take in a month after tax.
    Subtract all your current payments, phone, car and that stuff. Figure out what you have left. That's what you have to work with, if it's still not enough you have to find out what to cut out. You might need to get roommates to split rent costs. Don't forget the food, pasta will probably be your friend.

    What country do you live in?


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  • Okay you live in good ole, overrated, college is debt for life America. I'm going for my first year and I can't really afford it either, how you looked into filling out fafsa sheets, living in dorms, an every possible scholarship that exists known to man?

    If you really can't go to college, I advice you start filling out job applications and getting a job, maybe two if that's what it takes. Fill out sheets for sections 8, it's a low-income housing form. Once that's approved, you can live in certain apts for little rent. Suck up your pride, trust me it's hard, and fill out forms for gov't assistance because what you're describing tells me you'll need it badly.

    If you have good public transportation, and can find a job nearby, consider selling the car if money is incredibly tight and you're spending more in gas than you are just taking the bus or train.

  • Alright, don't be afraid to work two jobs. Do you have any prior work experience?

    • yeah I've had two jobs but i quit while i was in school so i could focus on school

    • Where did you work? It does make a difference on the advice I can give because I am a business owner, so try and answer my questions to the best of your ability

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