Why does this girl just go around wishing people on facebook for their birthday?

I'm not even kidding, she wishes every single one of her acquaintances, most of whom are my friends.

I know a large part of it is just attention-seeking, but it really baffles me.

I would never do that, it makes people think that you don't have a life outside of facebook.


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  • she sounds nice to me...

    • This is a quote from her, "Remember what she did to me when we were 11 years old?" when I asked her why she felt the need to inquire about my friend.

    • context please?

    • I was talking about my friend, and she was insulting her.

      Baffled, I narrowed my eyes at her, and she admitted she was doing it because of something this girl did to her when we were 11.

      It actually took me a few seconds to recover from the stupidity of the situation.

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  • You get a notification when it's someone's birthday. I think it's nice of her, not necessarily attention seeking?


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  • Maybe she just likes wishing people a happy birthday. It's not hurting anyone.

    • I know her for a while, (which I'm embarrassed now come to think of it, considering the type of person she grew up to be), and she is one of those jealous/shit-talking types.

      Pleasing other people is something that I cannot imagine her doing, in the least.

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