As anyone ever watch Californication?

This show is everything in one basically
sad, funny, and happy


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  • Used to but lost interest on like season 4-5.


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  • Yep, quite recently in fact, I spent last week binge watching it on netflix. Great show, though I felt after season 4 things felt rather redundant. Still fun, just redundant.

  • it's kinda lame.
    also i really hate the protagonists daughter.
    They had really good moments but then it just turned to pure trash.

    • The dialog though... It is unbelievably good and it never fails to be funny. I think the events are meant to be lame/trashy because I imagine that's what it is really like living in these communities.

    • you are correct, i love the dialogue but it's like sometimes the writers just run out of things to do and are like "errr ummm, let's put a lesbian scene here, and well make it a three way"
      or whatever they think of next.

  • No but they got some bad bitches on that show...

  • I LOVE IT! I wish the last season was a little better though

    • One of the funniest parts is when Marci was married to the new film guy, and they were role playing when her ex was in the room
      I died

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    • Interesting, I think it is pretty much the don't act needy, always be yourself and say what is on your mind. Don't ever try to act to please someone else.

    • Yeah I just love the whole cast tho
      I want to be friends with people like that

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