How long till hate starts again?

If say a comet struck and all difference perception was wiped out at that current time - Gender, faith, race, sexuality bias was wiped out and we all started afresh - How long before people started to notice differences again, would the same prejudices develop or new ones develop ( left handed, brown eyed, blondes etc ) or would we live happily ever after. I suppose it is a roundabout way of asking a nature versus nuture question?
How long till hate starts again?

  • It is natural order people instintively classify and have bias against other groups
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  • It is learned behaviour if there was no hate to see there would be no example set to our children
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  • I think it would start out as a set of individual dislikes and then turn into "don't do that or you'll be That Kind" That Kind would be singled out eventually and stratified and hate based on stupid things would develop.


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  • It is natural order for people to instinctively resolve a problem hurting others.
    So what? Do we have to remain in that Stone Age mentality? Really?

    • Thanks for input - A lot of truth in what you are saying.

    • And it begins with parents hitting, spanking children to 'educate' them. They learn them that violence and degrading someone is OK to solve problems and yields some authority.

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  • Hate is blind.

  • Hate is taught & people will always separate themselves, survival of the fittest.

    • Thank you for comment - I think you are right in the most part

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