Whats your bucket list?

It could be anything! Ill give you what I have so far
1 join the militree
2 do 500 push ups
3 Become a truck driver
4 welder
5 make a blues album
6 travel the world
7 bungee jump
8 make my own anime
9 skydive
10 go streeking

  • your a mad man who needs help! D:)
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  • im a cheese bucket 😎
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Most Helpful Girl

  • You want to go streaking? Lol, ur definitely crazy but I'll admit there are days i wish i could be free of clothes all day long. Not for perverted reasons, but for the freedom.

    As far as my bucket list (good question by the way, Twinnie ❤) mine is pretty simple.
    1) Make it on my college's Dean's List.
    2) To graduate from VC with honors
    3) to get engaged to my Boo in 2016 and married to him in 2017
    4) to have our first child in 2017-18
    5) to travel to New Orleans with my Boo
    6) to meet my new loved ones i met and adopted online as my family
    7) to find my blood family and reunite with them


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What Girls Said 7

  • I have too many things on my bucket lists, here's a few of em

    • to travel the world ✈
    • to learn more languages 📚
    • to go on a road trip with my best friend 💙
    • to dye my hair all kinds of blue, all at once ahah 🙈🙉🙊
    • to fall asleep under the night sky where it's filled with stars ★🌌
    • to go on a trip with this photographer friend of mine and capture lots of stunning pics 📷
    • to do many crazy stuffs with ny best friend 👩👩

  • Just the one: run a thoroughbred on the race track. I want to stay in the gate and then just fly. It'd be awesome.

  • 1. Drive a punch car with my friend. (I think they are called punch car...)

    2. Visit some of the countries that I have been interested in.

    3. Adopt a munchkin.

  • 1. Get my dream job
    2. Go skydiving
    3. Learn another language (so I can speak fluently)
    4. Start Krav Maga & kickboxing

  • 1) Write books
    2) dress as a guy for a day and flirt with girls
    3) travel the world
    4) conquer my fear of heights and the sea.
    5) confuse the hell out of people.
    6) start a music band

  • i am a cheese bucket ^^

  • I just wanna travel everywhere.


What Guys Said 6

  • Well I have just completed one thing on my bucket list and that was to study tourism at university. My graduation was on the Thursday that has just gone.

    Next I plan to

    Get a job in tourism
    buy an apartment
    Travel the world
    and I would love to end up self-employed, writing my own travel blog giving people that want to travel advice on what attractions are a must see, what are overrated, what you can give a miss, best ways to get around in the different places, dangers and annoyances and many more. I would do all this for every country and city I visited.

  • 1. Marry a women I love and raise a family with her.

    2. Mastery of the martial arts.

    3. Mastery of classic oil painting and traditional Asian painting.

    4. Mastery of writing and poetry.

    5. Mastery of Sotto Meditation

    6. To serve god and country

    7. To set a good example for other people and be a person my future kids can look up to.

    8. To obtain a Michael Matthrews worthy body and to live a long and healthy life of bodybuilding and fitness.

    9. To die on my bed surrounded by friends and family after a long and fulfilling life and take my place in heaven.

    10. To roast the perfect marshmallow, lightly browned, not burned all the way around. Because a man has to have goals right?

    11. Graduate from ISSA ( international sports science association ) and become a professional trainer.

  • Hmm wingsuit.
    Bang Candice Swanepoel
    & climb el capitan
    I have more just don't remember where my list is at

  • 1. Suicide...

  • 1. Get a girlfriend
    3. Visit Murica
    4. Get a Nissan Silvia S15
    5. Tune dat shit ^
    6. Go on a roadtrip

  • Going streaking is defenantly one of em i want to do

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