What kind of art prints would you buy?

I'm planning to sell prints of my art next year and I just wanted to know what people would buy. The prints will be sold at prices from 1$(small sketches and doodles) to 5$(colored sketches and doodles) to 10$(color pencil drawings covering a full A4 paper and tiny paintings) to 15$(big paintings).

So what would you buy? What kind of sketches? What kind of paintings? What kind of drawings?

It would help a lot if you share your opinion.


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  • Without knowing the style of art you paint in and the paint itself you use I really couldn't say.

    Personally I prefer buying prints of classical artists like Jan Van Huysum who also happens to be my favorite artist and the style of painting I do, classical dutch master
    ( oils ) I also enjoy traditional Japanese and Chinese art.

    Hmm I saw your art from the link below you sent @djvtech and it's alright, probably worth the price you set it as, you have the potential to become an actual painter if you put your mind to it, you just need the proper training and instruction.


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  • i love nature/scenery drawings
    for example when you go to travel, they sometimes sell drawings of the place
    i love it
    or i love geometric type, it is cool too


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  • That's maybe to cheap, but I dont know how good it is or what you're money is like. I sell A4 sized photography for 40$, my poster prints can be hundreds.

    It's better to not sell originals unless you can easily duplicate them, or unless you mark up the price a lot compared to a copy. Consider making printed copies, and print them on nice paper (not on a kiosk machine).

    Draw what you love and are creative with first, and the money will fallow if it's creative and evokes interest or emotion.

    Also look into stock art and stock photo website for selling.

    • The price is cheap because I'm not really asking for much and my art isn't really that perfect. Also, if it's cheap and nice, more people might buy it. And like I said I'm not asking for much because I kinda want to build the business and hopefully, be slightly succesful by the time I have to use my own money.

      Definitely won't sell originals, I did mention prints above.

      Thanks for your tips!

      Also if you're interested, https://whyamitypingthis.deviantart.com/gallery/

  • Whether painting or drawing as long as its good. I will buy it... If i have money


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  • You need to paint what speaks to you, otherwise the image will have no meaning, no feeling, no purpose or soul.

    • But what if I want to paint or draw to capture life on a piece of paper or canvas?