What do you think of Idle stop cars?

There are a few of them but hardly any in my country and lots of them I think in Japan. They are meant to save petrol.

Could you imagine a city full of cars constantly starting day in and day out. Watch the video to get an idea.

  • It is a great idea since petrol is so expensive.
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  • Um.. I am unsure.
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  • I hate this idea. The constant sound of cars starting would get annoying.
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@mooky06 what do you think of this. Watch the video.
@KDA20 @LaurenGrace @Nina_Linda18 @Zigzagz @PLLFan21 @mskay @xHoneyxBeex @soccerchick4eva interested to hear your opinion on this one. Have a look at the video please.


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  • That would be extremely annoying. Plus starting the car off and on again repetitively could cause excessive wear to the battery, alternator or the actual engine itself.

    But well yeah look I can see how Japan is trying to save petrol and the economy, But we have a car here (one that my older sister owns) and what it features is that when you are at a traffic light, the car goes into neutral mode (but the engine is still running) it's very quiet, that you would think the car is turned off. But when the green light flashes back on, you press the accelerator and the car boostes up and drives off as if it was on the entire time. You don't need to turn it on or off, nothing like that. I think that is what Japan should look into.

    • Yes well it is meant to be built to be able to take the constant starting, so built stronger with better batteries and starter motors etc but I just can't see constant starting as a good idea. I also would have thought it would not be as fast to take off at intersections as before the car can take off it has to start first. To me you would be better to by a Toyota Prius than this. My mum's Toyota Echo is so quiet on idol to that often you would not think it is running either. This idol stop feature is about not burning petrol when it is stopped, the car that goes into neutral would still burn petrol I am guessing it going into neutral is more about safety. The Japanese are very good with this sort of technology but idol stop I am not so sure of. There are some cars in New Zealand with idol stop now to I think.

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    • Yeah just get something smaller, engine wise, that way your saving petrol.

    • Yeah this Corolla was very lively and confident in traffic. If you put your foot down it had plenty of power to keep up with the traffic. It was once following my uncle up this steep windy hill with four people in it and stuff in the boot. My uncle was in a 4.0L falcon and our Corolla was right up behind him the whole way sitting there happy.

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  • I would never want a car like that, it seems very annoying. I would hate to have to keep starting my car. It seems like it wouldn't be good for the car in the long-run either.

    • All you have to do is press on the gas pedal and it automaticly starts and drives off. They have stronger parts in the car to cope with all the starting but it does seem strange at the same time.

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    • Eh, I still wouldn't really trust it.

    • Meh.. Just explaining it haha. If I trust anyone with this sort of Technology I trust the Japanese more than any other country but still don't think I would want it.

  • My audi a4 has an idle stop i think its great

    • Yes I knew some cars in New Zealand had it. 😊

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    • As far as i know they dont totally turn off they cut the engine power and it stores to a little electric motor that runs the alternator or something i dont know its pretty flash i freaked me out tge first couple times i thoght i broke my car , it makes it pretty good on gas

    • It waits a minute some models cut a number of pistons that fire off first if it idles for longer then it will click off to idle stop.. well thats what hubby says it does , im not totally clueless but this is beyond my knowledge

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  • That's literally the dumbest thing I've ever witnessed. It's actually less gas efficient.