Is Feminised education failing boys?

According t research white, working class males are bottom of the class...

In GCSEs in particular, girls seem to strive when it comes to coursework and presentation. English classes include classical books such as Romeo and Juliet and Death of a Salesman, which are much more appreciated by girls than boys.

I don't think there are near enough male role models, and since boys tend to mature later than girls, it leads them to being highly disruptive in class.

I remember when I was back at school, even though I was getting better than average grades, most of the girls were top of the class in all subjects.

This could come across as stereotypical, but boys are better at practical exercises, whilst girls are better at structed excercises such as coursework. The exam favour, at least in the UK, girls.

Boys will also tend to not work as well to impress the girls... so having single sex schools might help that.

As I guy, I would have much prefered to carry out woodworking, chemistry experiments and metalworking at school rather than coursework...

What do you guys think?


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  • I think the U. S. school system has a lot of holes in it. And tbh most girls would prefer a John Green book rather than something written by a dead guy. But honestly what are we going to do? There's a ton of things in school that don't appeal to girls. Gym class for most girls is an easy hate where the guys will take that any day. A lot of girls hate technology class too. A lot of guys enjoy science class and history class where girls don't. This is a double end thing here. But in the end we have to remember this- school sucks for both parties, and it's just something we have to get through. I just don't see why a lot of people think school is appealing for girls when in reality 97% of girls hate it just as much as guys.

    • You're too modern. "John green" against some old guy? You're too modern. It's like using your phone, vs using a book, our generation just doesn't seem to care about using books to research anymore

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    • Old, dead, what's the difference really

    • @Dave20151
      Old- being wiser or more experienced.
      Dead- not being alive.
      Are you a fucking idiot

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  • True. I had to read many books in my time at high school, both in German and in English class, we read Death of a Salesman too. - A pathetic piece of paper - I'm denying it the status of "literature" because it's poorly written and the story is too cliche.

    Otherwise, you mainly have female teachers, especially in verbal subjects, like English (or German) and women communicate differently from men, and the women who teach English can barely string 3 sentences together, nor are they able to talk about intellectually stimulating topics- only "girl stuff" like romance stories or other mundane nonsense. I had Italian for 2 years at school, and quit because the teacher was an annoying short-tempered woman and the textbook was full with girl topics and I always had to read out the male roles in text samples - which I found gay as a 15 year old -_-
    My 5th grade German teacher got mad at me because I refused to write essays about "love stories" I found that drop-dead weird to do then as a 11 year old, and they had my parents talk to her (the teacher): She admitted that the workbook was aimed at girls, but that my behavior was "unacceptable" - The only unacceptable was her mere stupidity in my opinion then. Too dumb to know stuff like "guy topics" - I'd write stories about knights and stuff instead. Or in latin class, we'd only talk about idiotic love poems instead of Roman history or all their conquests. So, yes, feminized education ruins our boys and hinders them from developing naturally.

    • * I was the only boy in Italian class then 10 people only in total

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  • "Chinese and Indian heritage, consistently achieve above the national average"

    Well maybe it is not completely the fault of education system. Maybe culture and parenting my play a big part.

    by the way the Shakespeare I did for GCSE was Macbeth and books were Of Mice of Men and World of the Worlds. None of those could be considered girly. Schools have choice a different texts. It is the schools fault for choosing all "girly" texts rather than the system itself.

    Also depending on the subject and the exam board on the amount of coursework vs tests are done.

    Although there is not enough male teachers. This could be because teachers are under paid and it is seen as a females proffession.

  • Yeah, just blame women for all that goes wrong in the world.

  • Oh lord have mercy.

  • Guys can handle themselves if they put their mind to it by saying they're too immature to focus is bull

    • I don't think you're really in the position to speak what guys can and can't do :)

    • Well I go to a "feminized" school and plenty of guys are achieving higher grades than the girls so..

    • Actually, because women do feature faster than boys, we can use the excuse of we aren't mature yet

  • its so amusing how guys blame EVERYTHING on feminism xD lmao w/e

    "oh man, looks like it's gonna rain today... TO HELL WITH FEMINISM !! ruining the weather. killing children and burning our houses"

    • This has NOTHING to do with Feminism.

      I'm asking whether school is Feminised - BIG difference.

    • Feminism iso J, I believe in equal rights and all but, femiNAZISM is not ok. When women start thinking they're better than men. Even I they were to say it aloud, it ain't cool

    • @Dave20151
      of course i totally agree

      but a lot of guys these days seem to not even know the difference :) so yea i dont bother anymore lol

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  • And yet, when a school has a math/science and/or vocational outlook, then it is accused of male bias. With the Femi (commu) nist Left, it is always "heads you lose / are wrong / are unjustified, tails they win / are right / are justified."

    • Mangina spotted!

    • Wrong, grasshopper. The Manginas are the ones who suck up to the Femi (commu) nists.

  • You still didn't explain how schools are feminized. Humans in general learn better from practical experience. It's not just boys.

    • Oh I have, you just can't read or aren't acknowledging the facts I'v handed over.

    • Read it again. Nope. You just didn't

  • The books I read were not "feminine" and in fact, my favorite book of all time, catcher in the rye, is about baseball. I read it in 11th grade

    • Good for you, I read the complete version of Les Misérables when I was 15 ... nothing to be proud of.

  • Do you ever give it a rest?

    • No, I like controversial topics :)

  • Uh oh Feminists! UH OH!!!

    • This has nothing to with Feminism.

      I think you need to go back to school.

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