Can you tell us some of your paranormal experience?


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  • This is a true story. Once when I was a teenager, I was walking home from school and I noticed a certain car went past me just before I turned down a side street that I used to short cut through which had a tunnel at the end which went under rail road tracks.
    Get this: I walked through the tunnel and when I came out on the other side, I was back where I was before I turned down the side street and the same car went past.

    I was totally creeped out. I'd essentially gone back a few moments in time.


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  • Ooh this is true Muhahaha:
    My mothers ex husband took her to these hot springs up in the mountains on the way their she saw three burnt crosses on the hill they passed leaving her with a feeling of unease and anxiety. as she was sitting their in the pool of water a terrible feeling of dread overcame her. She something dark, evil, demonic next to her. She knew deep in her soul it was going to get her so she ran up the hill to her husbands parked car as fast as she could to escape it. She was panicking at her ex and cried out "open the fucking door Tory open the door!" Repeatedly.
    he responded "DO YOU WANT ME TO CALL IT OFF!" Her stomach dropped and they promptly went to an apartment.
    When they got their as me mom remembers they were bickering about something as she brushed her hair looking at him through the mirror. His face changed into something unrecognisable and otherworldly for a split second just enough for her face to turn as white as a sheet. They weren't together long after that but she did learn through the rest of their relationship that his mother was into tarroa cards and witchcraft. He was too.


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  • I can tell you that the verdict was my eyes playing tricks on me

  • I go to this quaint little village in the South of France every summer. It's a tight-knit community, every knows each other and not much out of the ordinary has happened there. However about 2 years ago there was a fire and the police/firefighters had discovered the body of an old woman (Yveline) hanging from the beams in her bedroom.

    According to reports her son and daughter had visited only 3 hours before the fire was discovered. They had come round for dinner. She had taken her own life.

    The house is now abandoned and it's extremely eerie at night. Everyone knew her and were certain she was not showing any signs of depression.

    Some times, on my way back from the village centre to my house, I've heard whistles, even when the wind isn't blowing. Other times it sounds like fire crackling.

    I tend to avoid it completely at night because it makes me feel sick and extremely uncomfortable... it also feels like someone is watching you from the blackened windows.


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