I seriously hate my mom?

She's so fucking annoying.

I asked her help in drafting an email to my colleague, and was trying to read/re-read it properly.

Instead of saying, yeah, let's work on it, she was like, 'just send it, just send it,' and I was telling her look whoever reads it will obviously judge it if it's not done properly, but she was just being her lazy ass self and sitting there doing nothing telling me to 'send it without proof-reading.'

I HATE her laziness. Once, when I was cleaning out my dorm room, it was not vacuumed properly, so I was trying to finish cleaning it. Instead of encouraging me, she was like, 'Just leave it, who cares, they'll anyways have it professionally cleaned."

My don later came in and was cleaning it with me, I was so embarrassed.

It's like she totally underestimates my University and think it's shit, (she's never even gotten a college degree let alone University), and makes ME behave in ways I don't want to. Sort of like, these people are nothing, we can do whatever we want with them.


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  • It's so fucking annoying because you only have one. If you had bad luck, you can't exchange her: their parents don't take them back: they were all to happy to get rid of her to your dad. Good riddance.


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  • tell her how you feel.


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  • Is this a question or did you mix this up with your personal blog?


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