What are your favouite days of the week and worst days of the week?

My favouite day is Monday because it's the start of a new week.. Another week to fu** sh** up all over the place

my other favourite is Friday because it's my last lifting day until Monday and have the weekend to relax and enjoy it :)

I don't dislike any days

what about you?


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  • I like Fridays too cuz it's the end of the week & its the start of the weekend, which I can have fun & rest lol. Mondays I don't like cuz it's the start of a whole new week of things I have to do. I get your point though about mondays being the start of a new week, that's a good way to think about it, especially if the following week was tough. :) Also, i like Tuesday cuz of Taco Tuesdays lol Basically, I like all the days beside mondays. Lol


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  • I think its Wednesdays because I'm usually out of the "sleepy morning" stage and moving on to a "looking forward to the weekend" stage

  • The worst day of the week is Monday because it's the beginning of school. The best day is Friday because you have the weekend to finish your homework and you see your friends at school. Also, dances and party's around here are normally on Fridays 😜


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