Do you think sleeping for something exists in a lot of industries?

That's so creepy.

SO very creepy. I wonder if it happens more than us University students realize.

I remember watching this movie where the main character's mom sleeps with a guy so he can get into a good private school. It was so disturbing, but it made me wonder whether it happens a lot more than is really realized.


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  • It's very common. Both straight and gay, many of the major industries have this shit going on.

    Fact of life: The powerful have always abused their power to obtain sex and wealth while denying it to the rest of the population. It will always be the case and only awareness and you're own personal willpower will be able to slow down or change this.


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  • This does NOT happy very often. Professors are usually above average in intelligence and very good looking - so good looking that they are almost married to woman who are equally intelligent and equally good looking. Trust me I did a google search of all my male professors online and they are all married to drop dead gorgeous woman who are also very intelligent and wealthy themselves.

    • But that's just University, which I would think is much more protected.

      I meant like the workplace and stuff... how would University students know what really happens in the workplace.

      Maybe I'm just being paranoid.

    • Well its possible. My cousin's cousin slept around at every single job she ever worked at to get ahead in life and then married one of her bosses after several years of dating but she was extremely good looking. Average looking people can't get away with acting like that.

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  • it happens a lot.

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