At what age do you think should be the legal consenting age for sexual intercourse/fornications or anything sexual-related?

There's a lot of controversy about this. Half of the world, the minimum legal age for sex is 18 while the other half, it's 16. Here in the United States, a person (especially a male) even as young as 18 years old, will get arrested for 10 years and be registered as a sex offender just for have sex with another person even as old as 17 years old.

  • Age 16
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  • Age 18
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  • Older than 18
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  • i think it was 14 here a while back... but not like people listen anyway

  • I'm 18, and I think it should be 16. While I was not even close to sexually active at 16, lots of people were. I think 16 is when one starts to think more responsibly with that stuff and feels ready for it... So 16. 18 is a bit too old in my view.


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