Don't you know it's bad luck to be superstitious :O?


Give me some examples from your region/country! Here are some common superstitions from Turkey lol:

Knocking on the wood 3 times will keep the bad evils away or will protect you from a bad thing.

If your ear rings, somebody is talking about you. (they say that if it's your left ear, someone's talking badly about you, if right ear, someone is thinking you're a nice person lol)

If your left palm gets itchy you'll spend money, but if you right palm gets itchy then you'll receive money.

If you repeat one thing for 40 times, it will happen. (nah it doesn't work.)

Cats have nine lives.

If you sleep without any blanket on you, you may have nightmares at sleep. (damn it)

If the bottom of your feet itch, you'll make a trip.

If during a marriage the bride steps on groom's feet she'll rule in the house, or if the groom steps on bride's feet then he'll rule. ( Zorro, you know who will rule when we get married :P )


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  • Lol how am I seeing this now? xD
    I won't let you step on my feet haha :P

    My grandma thinks that if you accidently use someone's name a conversation (kind of like a slip of the tongue) then that person is talking about you lol

    I read in some parts of Turkey, they have superstitions about chewing gum.. have you heard of it?

    • Oh I'll distract you first then step on it ;) hahah!

      "My grandma thinks that if you accidently use someone's name a conversation (kind of like a slip of the tongue) then that person is talking about you lol" oh that's actually same here! haha

      lol yeah they say that chewing gum at night will bring bad luck. Daytime is fine, not at nights hahaha

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    • How do you expect my mind not to wonder after you say such a thing? Haha

      I don't even know why I'm asking, I've drinked a lot worse at some parties xD

    • Oh that was the plan ;)

      hahaha what happens in parties, stays in parties. :P or was it Vegas, doesn't matter they both mean the same so.. lol!

      Gotta go now husbie! It's morning over here >.<
      I'll leave you wondering about my tricks for now... muah! ;)

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  • -You should never sleep with your head/pillow in North position
    or you will have a short life.

    -Cutting your fingernails or toenails at night is bad luck. If you do so, it is believed that you will not be with your parents at their deathbed.

    -You should never write a person's name in red ink.

    -If you see a spider in the morning, it means good luck so you shouldn't kill it, but if you see one at night, it means bad luck so you can kill it.

    -If you catch a crow's glance, something bad will happen.

    -The numbers, 4 and 9 are unluckyas their pronounciation
    resembles death (shi) and suffering (ku).

    -Women born in the zodiac of the (Fire) Horse
    are considered to be unlukcy in love/marriage.

    And that's just some. ^.~

    • wow very interesting haha! "Cutting your fingernails or toenails at night is bad luck. " same here haha

      I don't know why people down voted you for just sharing this >.<

    • It's entirely okay.

      Any sort of vote, to me
      simply means that my comment
      has been seen. ^.^

  • I don't know how true Superstitious is real but i hear
    If your body all sudden gets chills , it means someone is
    walking over your future grave.
    If you break mirror gives 7 years bad luck
    It's bad luck to walk under a ladder
    It's bad luck to open a Umbrella in house
    It's bad luck to step on cracks of sidewalk

    I another thing about me that i told my therapist i get premonitions
    ( a strong feeling that something is about to happen, especially something
    But i believe that is a inherited gene handed down to me from
    a great aunt and they claim it's more common in people who have
    Czechoslovakia ancestry in them but i got other ancestries too in me.

  • One man's superstition is another man's religion. It's all the same crap.

  • Luck itself is superstition.


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