Hey guys, current mood :) ?


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  • Let me copy/paste an answer to another question to answer yours (here's that question, by the way) www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q1620304-what-are-your-ultimate-career-goals

    Just switching careers now to commercial writing, quite lucrative. No intention of ever working for someone else ever again. People are backstabbing filth--never a victim of it myself, but I sure as hell witnessed more than what I could take.

    Hell, just walking down a street in the city, I heard a girl say this (direct quote, and she was dead serious): "why would I speak to him when I can talk about this behind his back?"

    Fucking filth.

    I will work for myself only and avoid interacting with people as much as possible. I want to make a ton of money, and I will indulge in things I like: art, music, family events, going out to eat, some chess, exercise and fitness, things like that.

    I won't marry. Not when there are girls like that above walking around. They're the rule, not the exception, in my experience. Most people (men and women both) are liars, cheaters, snakes, and cowards. I want nothing to do with them.

    As a commercial writer, I get to minimize contact with all of them, and it makes it easy not to bump into people and be tempted to do something as stupid as ask someone out on a date (always regret it). I can work from home and stay away from everyone.


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