Which gender of athletes do you think tends to get hated more for their cockiness, arrogant attitude and their lack of respect, men or women?

For example of a male athlete, Mayweather gets a lot of hate for his cocky attitude by claiming he's greater than Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Robinson.

For example of a female athlete, Ronda Rousey is slowly gaining more haters after claiming she could beat anyone in the world, including world class-level Heavyweight male UFC fighters. She also refused to shake hands with her rival, Miesha Tate after beating her again in a rematch. However, Ronda Rousey at least has more louder dick riding fans than the Mayweather fans do.

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I mean there are FAR more active male athletes worldwide than female athletes but since there have been many male athletes who've been doing trash talking for a while, it seems as though we are slowly getting desensitized from it. The female atheltes on the other hand, just being new to world class level professional sports and they're already having a few female athletes trash talking and gaining a lot of hate.


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  • I think when you are a professionally fighter you have to be cocky. If you acted all precessional in a build up to a fight saying all nice things and showing respect to your opponents like in other sports. Fighting has more mind games. Mid you can convince your opponent that they have no chance and that you are going to destroy them. Then you've won the fight before the bell has rung.

    • Yeah but while a trash talking fighter like Floyd Mayweather Jr does what he does in order to sell more tickets and gain an advantage over his oppoents, at least he shows respect to his opponents after beating them by hugging or hand shaking them and pointing out the positives that they've done in their fights (he even respecfully hugged Oscar De La Hoya after all the biased negative things that De La Hoya has said about Mayweather), unlike Rousey, who refused to shake hands with Miesha Tate in their rematch.

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    • No, not that one. It's fight that already happened long ago but with a different fighter.

    • Oh okay. I don't know why she wouldn't shake hands with her then. There are plenty occasions in England when football players or managers refuse to shake hands after a game. I don't think either men or women are more arrogant than each other in general. It just depends on the individual I guess.

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  • It does seem a male athlete is more likely to get hate for being cocky/arrogant than a cocky/arrogant female athlete. If a guy is cocky, he's an "asshole" and he's an "idiot."
    If a girl is cocky, she's "defending her rights" and showing "confidence." If a guy is confident, he's still considered "cocky." If a woman is confident, she finally raised her "self-esteem."

    However, I will say males in general (especially the athletes), are much more likely to be cocky and arrogant than females. Most women will admit they're not the best, where as men try to out-do each other and be the top dog. Men are also generally more competitive.

    • Not to mention that there are far more active male professional athletes worldwide than there are female professional athletes.

    • @Asker Yes, that is definitely a factor too.

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  • Male athletes for sure

    • Much more likely the case but then again, men make up the vast majority of professional-level sports.

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  • I say an equal amount. But I will say women do. With guys, it's almost expected to be cocky if you're good and are aware of it. With women, it's almost expected to keep that level of honestly and stay humble.

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