Why would anyone try to rectify Obama's failure to boom the economy by voting back in the policies that caused it to fall in the first place?

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Very telling that some people assumed I was blaming Obama for the economic failure, which began in 2007. He wasn't in office that year, nor the years that led up to it, when the guilty policies were in place.


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  • ignorance i think.


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  • only republicans are ignorant enough to try and blame the obama for not getting the economy up to the unrerasonbly high standards they expect after THEY FUCKED up the economy


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  • Oh yeah right. Except... last time I checked, Obama took over a totally fucked up household budget. Who paid for all the tax cuts for the rich people? Who paid for the two wars that Mr I-know-how-to-steal-my-oil Bush put on the national credit card? When Clinton left office, the government was in the black numbers. When Bush left office, America was bankrupt (let alone the financial crisis that he created conveniently RIGHT BEFORE he left office). And now conservatives get their panties twisted over Obama's debt. Well, maaayyybeee, just maybe, the Republicans should have put the rich people taxes up, instead of down, which was the case in the 1950s-1970s, when the American middle class was flourishing (the tax rate for rich people used to be at 90% once upon a time). And maybe they should have stayed home and minded their own business instead of messing with the middle east.

    But see, I get it all now. It makes so much sense nowadays. The Republicans fucked up America, made people poor and thus badly educated and easily gullible to believe conspiracy theories and now they can blame Mr blacky-oh-black for being such a meany, while all the while getting richer and fatter themselves. America is a more socially divided country today than ever before in its history. There's more that divides social classes, ethnicities etc. in the US than that keeps them together. But how cares as long as some fat pigs can get fatter day by day.

  • Talking politics, why is the Republican platform always cut taxes to the rich? Hello don't we have a trillion dollar deficit? How is cutting taxes going to solve that? I know their view is cut taxes to the rich so they'll have an incentive to expand business thereby making unemployment a lot less. Trickledown economics. Since when has that worked?

    • Rich people create jobs, you foolish communist! The Waltons hire a lot of people in Walmart, and they're even nice enough to let the taxpayers subsidize their underpaid, working-poor workforce through welfare.

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    • waltons can't sell shit if the people don't have any money to buy it dumbass

    • supply and demand creates jobs not rich people. in a lot of ways rich people are bad for the economy. They take large chunks of cash out of the transaction flow. They are also much more likely to invest that money outside the us. All bad for our economy