Need information about feminism?

I keep hearing about feminism. all I hear is that it was supposed to support women, but I heard that feminists get negative reputation. what exactly is going on? are women abusing the law system (child support)? What are men doing wrong? I need to be more informed about this. please help, guys and girls, and tell me ur opinions of it!


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  • Feminism is no longer needed. It's based on the idea that western women are oppressed. Which is not the case. So essentially they have begun to push for the oppression of men. Which they are succeeding in


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  • You should really research for yourself.


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  • for Feminism the most visible public face is the National Organization For Women (NOW) You will find a lot of information on the subject on their website.
    Against Feminism I really like Karen Straughan who has a YouTube channell
    Read a lot, and form your own opinions. I have mine, but I'll leave them out for now.

  • An evil movement that is hellbent on our destruction do not trust it.

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