How do you think Religious Education should be taught in Schools? How was your experience?

I see it on two ways
- Education tells you what to think
- Philosophy tells you how to think

I'm Catholic and attended a Christian primary and high school (but during this time i wasn't Catholic). I'll be the first to admit that education regarding religion is probably among the most confused and weakest topics of schooling.

I'm British so religious education is mandatory in school there. Compared to subjects like maths, English and science etc. The way R. E is taught is a bit random and undefined structurally. I'd say i left school being more confused and knowing less about Christianity than when i started as did the majority of people that studied this topic. It wasn't until university when i met many anti religious people that i began thinking about it more and doing self study that i actually learned about it.

I don't think most r. e teachers know how to teach the topic. In my opinion i think along with history, a big part of it should integrate philosophy. I think it provides a mutually beneficial structural foundation for thinking and knowledge and would teach people how to effectively use their cognitive faculties to come up with new ideas.

My point is that schools seem a bit lost on the best way to approach teaching religious education compared to more straight forward topics like the generic ones.

Including philosophy as the basis including history, science and theology i believe is the best way to approach teaching religion


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  • I am glad that in Canadian public schools they don't teach mandatory religion classes. We only had a very unbiased unit in social studies class in grade 9 about the basics of all popular religions, christianity (different types of christianity), Judaism, Shintoism, Buddhism, Islam, and Paganism. It was really interesting to learn about them all objectively and be able to form our own perceptions about each one. You have to go to a special Catholic school for strict religious schooling and I am glad I did not go to Catholic school!

    • We don't have to go to Catholic schools, people generally want to go there most because religious schools here generally provide better education than secular schools so people push more to enter them. But religious schools can range from Catholic to protestant and even Islamic

    • Here public school kids are more educated and are more likely to get into university because religious school focus too much on religion and they don't know enough of a variety of subjects so they don't do as well compared to public school students.

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  • I can just see the teachers distorting and badmouthing Christianity, like they already find reasons to do now. And praise Islam out of the same corner of their mouths.

    Public, government run education has been, is, and will be the destruction of many young souls.

    • There's that but i also feel like no one has standardised a good way to teach religious education as a curriculum.

      You and your friend could have d done religious education and it'll be pretty coincidental if you studied anything useful or anything similar

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  • Maybe, but only if they teach about all kinds of different religions and not just one in particular. That kind of religion class would be good to open up people's minds to the different spiritual philosophies of the world rather than pushing one particular mindset on people.

    • Missed the how in there. I agree that they should focus on it from a philosophical standpoint.

  • I think there should be a Religion and Culture class... Compulsory at least until senior years. Teach all kids about all major religions and cultures, and as many minor ones as possible, and maybe there will be more understanding between everyone.

    • I'm asking about people's opinions on the best way to teach it to begin with.

      Expanding on something that's already taught in an undefined and poorly structured form with even less depth would turn out even worse

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  • Yeah, we had religious education in public schools and we were taken to church a few times a year.
    Besides this being a travesty to education it was also the most pointless lesson ever.

    The main aim was to give an income to people who had studies religious subjects in university and for no other reason.

    The fact that many of the people who taught the lesson were by no means saintly, even though they professed a holier than though attitude and wore the most extravagant religious artifacts they could get from Mount Athos and other monasteries.

  • Neutral philosophy with no hard opinions, like in my A-Level Religious Studies course. It was so neutral that to this day I have no idea what religion my teachers were.

  • it shouldn't be taught. school funds would be better spent else where. Honestly, R. E is the biggest waste of time ever

    If people want their kids to learn religion then take them to church or whatever.

  • Well it already happens in Egypt Muslims study Islam Christians study Christianity

  • In public schools no, but in private schools and colleges it is fine.

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