What are weird things that you do that many people might not understand?

What are weird things that you do?

I clean my place when i'm stressed. Lol my friends think it is weird because cleaning usually gives themeven more stress.


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  • I keep two sets of toothbrushes and toothpaste. One set lives in the shower, which gets used in the morning, and one set lives on my bathroom counter, which I use during the day and before bed.

    • Ohhh i see :) i remember you brush your teeth in the shower lol :D
      Coool :)

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    • I brush mine in the shower too lol. Also I have2 sets of facial cleanser for that same reason!

    • @BelleGirl21 See! It's not us that are crazy--it's everyone else! ;) LOL

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  • I sometimes walk into a room and not know what reason i went in there... my a. d. d. :s

  • In my classroom, I frequently quote movie lines from movies that are much older than my children. They have no idea what I'm talking about, sometimes.

    When a student turns in work which he/she hasn't put his/her name on, I'll pretend like I'm using psychometry to figure out whose paper it is. I frequently do impersonations in class (my students think my Yoda impersonation is good), including Edward G. Robinson (Nyah! Nyah! Now see here, copper!) even though my students have no idea who Edward G. Robinson is. When a student turns in work that is illegible, I'll hum the theme to Star Trek, indicating that I feel my student has written in an alien language (two of my more artistic students made a sign that I've posted saying, "No alien languages are permitted!" with all kinds of weird aliens on it).

  • Haha I think many ladies do that :D
    I scratch or "massage" the tip of my nose when I'm nervous. People have got used to it haha :D
    Oh by the way, next time you're nervous feel free to come by our house hahaha 8)

  • i am always naked when i am at home


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  • I'm the definition of weird
    - I randomly text my friends and tell them I love them, or out of the blue, once in a blue moon, I send them goodnight texts
    - I'll literally turn off my phone at whatever time of the day, and become unreachable, I do often, and it drives my friends crazy

  • i'm like that too (*^^*)
    i have ocd ><
    i have to arrange stuff in a certain way.

    i also take really long showers and baths.

    • Yay we are similar :P i take really long showers anr baths too lol

  • I do the cleaning thing too. That's totally awesome.

    Let's see,
    I eat skittles, mms and other similar candies in sets of two. The colors must match and I eat them in order.
    I sleep with huge blankets even if it's incredibly hot.
    I try not to step on cracks on sidewalks
    I organize books by height and color.
    There's lots weird stuff about me.

    • What happens if you have one mm or skittle left over?

    • @anon1999 that's why you have to sort them into groups first! Then you have 2 options. Giving it or throwing it away, or biting it in half so that each side of your mouth is happy.

  • Tbh, almost the sum total of everything I do in my life.

    NO ONE gets it!!!