While all the world use kilogram and metre, why does America use differerent things?

This is a problem when your talking such things with Americans. Why not use kilogram and metre as the rest of the world use them?


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  • Because back when everyone else was switching to Metric, the American government knew that it's people would not take to change as easily as the rest of the world. Americans are stupid and even it's own people know that. Giving them change after years of learning something would have caused them way to much problems, so instead of forcing it, they just dropped it.

    • We came out with our system after the metric system was already around so that's not why.

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    • Even though the metric system was created in 1799 and the imperial was created in 1907, the metric system was not the standard being used by many countries until it had been determined that it was a more accurate form of measurement, then in the 1970's it was switched by all countries except 'merica, Burma, and Liberia.

      Then American congress passed the Metric Conversion Act of 1975 "to coordinate and plan the increasing use of the metric system in the United States. The public education component led to public awareness of the metric system, but the public response included resistance, apathy, and sometimes ridicule.

      Americans were not willing to accept change.

    • Also, I said the metric system was created first, which that part is true.

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  • Americans are pretty fucked up.


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  • Because "fuck the king!" We came out with the standard system after we broke away from England, I guess as another way of separating ourselves from them. It's pretty silly now though. At least Americans use the metric system in science.

    • Except... that's wrong. The king (meaning England) actually used this archaic measuring system before America did and the Brits still use it today. They also use miles and pounds etc.. And they have even more of this weird, archaic stuff that Americans don't have anymore, for example they measure body weights in pounds and stones (a stone is something like 12 pounds if I'm not mistaken). So you'd say I'm 6 stones 4 pound or something like that. They also have "chains" as a measuring unit for length.
      The reason Americans use the metric system in science is that the metric system was the new, modern system, not this miles-pounds-etc. system. For people like medieval farmers and carpenters etc. it's okay to count in weird units. For every day life this works. But as the enlightenment period came along, scientists needed a system that made sense. One based on the unit of 10. This is why they invented the metric system. Americans and Brits (and Australians) were just too lazy to adopt it.

    • You're right, I had that mixed up for some reason. So I guess that means we branched off of the British Imperial System and never converted to the metric with everybody else because we're too stubborn to change our ways.

    • @BlueCoyote Your answer is correct (as you know) but I wanted to let you know there are 14lbs in a stone :)

      We don;t use chains anymore though :)

      Its not that you were too stubborn, it was how your country was founded and so remained the same. America is still a new country when you look back. It took over 100 years from Columbus discovering America to its colonization. We changed to the metric system in the 70s I believe and so if you look at it as 'we were using this for the last 250 years and did just fine, why change and confuse the hell out of everyone?' it would probably be a more accurate reason than simply being stubborn.

  • Honestly, I think because the American government and education systems are too lazy to do it, despite being one of 3 countries that still use imperial, and despite the issues it causes.

  • It's not just the U. S... To each their own.

    • What do you mean?

    • Only two other countries use the imperial measurements. Liberia and Myanmar.

      A multi-million dollar Mars orbiter failed and crashed because one engineering team didn't convert their measurements to metric.

  • i always wonder this lol

    and i think kg and cm are actually more accurate


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  • They're dumb ass holes!

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