Who has done door to door sales, and how do you be very successful?

So I've been doing door to door sales for Comcast for about a year. I had a very slow start due to starting in the late fall/winter and working in neighborhoods where the people are very slow decision makers. I like the job I have, it's a great company to work for. I swore I'd never do it but the base salary, benefits, perks, and vacation time makes it worth it.

That being said, the other day my boss talked about letting me go because I wasn't hitting numbers. Like I've been making sales, but not hitting quota. Sometimes people want just tv or internet and if that's all they want, then it's better than nothing, I'm not gonna push a home phone or home security system on them if they don't want it because it might get them to not buy anything at all.

Part of my biggest issue as of late is that even though I have over 300 houses in one of my territories, I still have to get a permit to work in my next territories. If you get caught without a solicitor's permit in some towns, the fine is very hefty. Also with the 300+ turf! the people either aren't home or the ones who do act interested at first, keep saying come back, gotta think about it and then by the 4th or 5th time I go back, they get mad and are like I don't want comcast, leave and don't come back. It's a total waste of my time. Now I've had my good weeks and my bad weeks so that's where the base salary is handy.

My issue isn't that I'm not putting in the hours but just not hitting the numbers and it's frustrating because I wanna make as much money as possible. As of late, there have also been quite a few times where orders would fall through after doing everything right.

How do you make it successful?


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  • I did door to door sales back when AT&T upgraded U-verse. We sold to existing customers. Based on the demographics I had to figure out a lot like the times people would be available. Some people were retired, some worked, etc but most people were not interested in upgrading their service lol. Door to door sucks whether it is new customers or not. Nobody likes someone knocking on their door trying to sell them something. The perks are good but sometimes it seems seasonal when it comes to making sales.

    • Where you working for AT&T or a contractor? I almost sold AT&T but it was for a pyramid scheme that ended up being commission only. The job description was lying, it said there was a salary involved and then the guy running it said it was business to business but it was just door to door. What's also corny was, I looked at career builder a month after I turned down the job and the same place was listed 4 times with one headline reading "Looking for wolf of Wall Street candidates, immediate hire" if that's nit a scam then I don't know what is. That's the thing about sales. There's a shit ton of scams out there that you gotta be careful. Basically if the job is too easy to get and they pressure you to start right away then it's a red flag

    • Lol your description fit perfectly. It was a contract job and the job ads were misleading or didn't reveal too much information until you got to the interview which I think everyone passed. We were drug tested as if he cared and even though 3 people had drugs in their system they were still hired. They did say there was base pay with commission but that was a lie because if we didn't make sales we didn't get paid. These people were not dumb they were not going to pay for something they really did not need so it amazed me how the guy that ran everything claimed how easy it was and how we could all be managing other people just like him within a year.

    • Yeah that's usually how it goes. The job description as well as the website are very vague and have the most cliche statements on them. Usually they say we work with customers for the best solutions. And regarding the whole drug test thing, that's where it gets tricky. Some of these con artists know what they're doing and try to appear professional by saying they just don't take anyone, requires drug tests, and may dres professional and have a nice looking office. But if they get condescending or rush you to start when you're thinking about it then it's a red flag.

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  • Well if the spongebob episode "no nuts" tought me anything to be successful... It's "stretching the truth" (lie)

    • It depends on what you like about. With comcast, you can't lie about what's included as well as the price but you can't tell them the deal ends soon or you're only in town that week so they feel like they have to rush to get it.

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    • I do NOT recommend it though

    • Yeah it's a slippery slope. Sometimes if you're not aggressive enough and don't give them a sense of urgency then that gives them more time to think about why they don't want it, not always the case but it has happened a lot,