How do you find new friends?

I moved to a different country to study when I was 12, didn't really grew up with any real friends, came back to my home country to work since I was 22.

I always have a problem that, when I meet a new person or colleague, even when we hit it off, I feel ashamed or awkward about calling them up to hang out in free time, I always think since they have a bunch of close friends that I am not part of, and I don't have a bunch of friends, it would be weird to just call them up to hang out, I just don't really know how to build that social circle up from zero. I feel like people would rather hang out with a bunch of guys and girls, and I just don't know how to get into that bunch of guys and girls.


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  • I know how you feel sooooooooo much! I've also moved around a lot, I think I went to three different middle schools and three highschools. I always feel really awkward now making friends, maybe it's just the fear you might lose them?

    • yeah i went 4 secondary schools between 2 countries, and 2 universities, i left all of them because i never settled in any of them. my heart always felt i should have stayed at home and make a bunch of lifelong friends there. it's very tough to live like this, it's like there is a huge empty space, a vacuum, it's like everyone else has a party going on and you don't know how to get in.

    • Two countries? Same for me :O
      Yeaah, I still feel nostalgic for my hometown all of the time, but I guess that's what happens when you move a lot. You just feel like kind of a drifter, right? At least I do xD The empty space thing sucks but that's also a symptom of depression

    • lol maybe not so much a drifter, because that implies that the person actually don't mind that lifestyle.

      more like an outcast or loner or a reject...
      and there is this... anger... that these people with great friends without even trying, can never begin to understand how it feels to have no friends... to have that foundation of friends taken away from you...

      sorry for being such a downer.

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