Seriously why can't I get over him?

It seems as if I've been crushing on this guy forever. We're family friends. We've known each other since I was in 4th & he was in 6th grade. We soon became friends & i started crushing on him a little bit. By the time I was in 7th grade I was completely crushing on him & things started getting really awkward between us, or maybe it was just me being awkward. Anywys I'm pretty sure he knew. We stopped talking whenever our parents hung out, everything had just gotten all weird it was like we were strangers & I was too shy to talk to him. Then the older we got, he started going to church & when my parents started going to the same church as his parents, he tried getting me more involved in the events but I was never really a believer so I kinda pushed him away. THEN last summer I started community college, which happens to be the same one he goes to, & I started seeing him around but I'd pretend I didn't see him. He'd say hi everytime & I'd be really awkward & soon he started telling his mom I was rude & I always seemed to not want to talk to him & he asked her what she thought about inviting me to the bible study groups he goes to. I know this bc our mom's talk a lot lol. So he told me about it, like he has a million times before & once again I was like "k cool, whatever". Oh & last fall he was in my class, which was nice but also hell bc he was really just a distraction, anyways so I missed class a few times & had him turn in a paper for me once & then he got a little upset bc I was missing class & he offered to help me n stuff but I didn't take his offer bc I really hated that class. Ok so long story short lol, I called him up & I could tell he was really excited about taking me to his bible study group this Friday mainly bc I'm at a very low point in my life & I think I should try it. BUT now I'm really nervous bc he's gonna be there & knowing him, he'll put me on the. spot in front of everyone. How do I get over him

Oh so I'm 19 & he's turning 21


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  • Don't get over him, talk to him. Explain why you have been acting strange that you were not trying to be rude to him but you liked him and didn't know how to express it. Write it down and give him a letter if you think you can't tell him in person or over the phone. Why would you not want to try if you like him so much?

    • I've never tried to bc we're family friends, bc if we tried something and it didn't work out I'd still have to see him the rest of my life D:

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    • It did. thank you!!

    • You are quite welcome.

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  • Ok Iam confused. what exactly do you mean by get over him? Is it at this church thing? Our generally in life?

    • For this church thing but also in total. I can't seem to ever get over him. Even when I had a boyfriend, this guy was around a lot and it was s i bad.

    • yeah i have experience in this... this happens specially when it's your first true love/crush. It's pretty hard to forget... if you need to forget, try ignoring. and also see the benefits of not being with him!

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