Weird for a guy as a college student to get a dog?

I want a dog never got one as a kid. I live with two roomates and go to college. 22 years old.. like going on runs and hikes a lot. Wanted to get a german shepard. Does a single guy at 22 getting a dog scream lonely?

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  • No it screams responsible. If you can take care of another living being, especially one as high maintenance as a dog, then you can do anything. I've had up to 5 dogs at once and had them from birth onward. I love them so much and they will love you endlessly.


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  • No, it screams dog lover!


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  • No, not at all

    I have seen many people of various different ages with Dogs.

    The age range is from very small to children - young adults - middle aged people -and the elderly.

    There's nothing wrong with having an animal.

  • Nope! It screams super chill dude


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