What would you do in this scenario?

So, Here is the situation,

You are President of a country called Valhalla, And the country next to you is called Ukrezibekistan. Your countries have hated each other and the varying cultures for centuries.

Ukrezibekistan here, Has lots of Oil, And Valhalla has completely run out of oil, and faces an economic collapse if it cannot get oil IMMEDIATLEY (All the population of Valhalla will starve and die).

What do you do?

A) Gather your army and invade Ukrezibekistan, Kill all their population, Steal their oil and save the people of your country (Valhalla). The war will only cost $500 Million and you will gain $5 Trillion in Oil reserve. War is a valid thing to do in this situation.
What would you do in this scenario ?

B) Try and gamble all of Valhallas gold reserve and industry to buy oil diplomatically from Ukrezibekistan. There will be no blood shed, But you will have to hand over ALL of your countries money to Ukrezibekistan, Effectively making you completely powerless as a nation for ever. War is NEVER the answer

  • A) War is a good thing to do here.
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  • B) War is a bad thing to do here.
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  • Why does something tell me you've been playing too much video games. . . ?

    • Just doing a little social experiment, I was interested in how females often try to negotiate issues diplomatically and with words, whereas a lot of men resort to violence to solve their problems.

      Both have their merits and cons, and i figured this scenario would be a nice way to see if men and women actually do have varying opinions on what to do in such an ultimatum.

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    • ohhh I didn't answer lol I wouldn't know

    • thanks for MHO :)

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  • I believe it is a good thing we are valhalla because that is all we simply do... fight.


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  • Buy some oil diplomatically, ration oil and rapidly start research and development on some alternatives

  • Strike up a deal, you say the other country has no real military... in exchange for just the amount of oil needed to keep my country afloat until other trade routes can be made... offer them military assistance and protection as well as paying for what we can.

    End of the day.. we both need to protect our people.. this way.. no blood is shed

  • Depends on your chances of victory.

    • 100%. Ukrezibekistan is nothing more then Rebels, Whilst Valhalla is a ultra modern military.

  • DO IT THE American WAY!!