How does it feel when two do the same job and one of them takes more than the other?

Example: Someone you know work in a supermarket and they take 10 dollar/euro.. etc per hour, You work in a supermarket and take 5 dollar euro etc... per day, How does it feel?

by the way, That's me who's working like that (Working 9 hours and taking 5 per day).

  • I think it's normal ill take it.
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  • I know someone that makes $7 more than me doing the same exact job because they live in Westchester NY.
    I browsed for Manhattan's pay in that job field and it lists what I get paid now.
    I don't think its fair.. but i dont think it's fair to myself if I dwell on it.
    That would stress me out and make me feel under achieved.
    Also I'm working towards a far better job so in about a year or two I won't give a rats ass.

    • Hope you achieve you're goals, and i wonna add this (10 months work is worth 1 month outside this country.. LOL)

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  • In my experience its because they have more experience.

    • You get 5 per day and they get 10 per hour.. How much experience you should have to get 10 per hour? Lol, Thanks for you're opinion.

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  • I'd nick stuff for compensation, I used to "waste" booze for our nights out when I worked in a supermarket... Friday night and this bottle of vodka has a ripped label and we can't sell it, oh well the staff will buy it cheap tonight! lol