What do you think happens to people who never really had, and continue not to have a social life? do most things alone, maybe 2 friends as they age?

What do you think happens to these kinds of people who hang out by themselves, never really form relationships, and almost avoid them. maybe they have 2 friends thety got to know in their mid to late 20's, maybe they are of the opposite sex, or just different from the individual in most regards. They never had a relationship, they don't really talk to people at work, but aren't enemies with them, they just don't share interests or behaviour.

what do you think happens to these people over time, when it seems that they don't succeed in normal situations?


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  • up until this year, my whole entire life I've had the same two friends. just two. but theyre my best friends, and were close enough that i would consider them family. to be honest, it sucks, im a very shy and quiet person and according to my mother, as a toddler i was very bubbly and outgoing, but i just never fit in in grade school, and i never had any friends at my school and that really did a number on me. by age seven i developed a nervous twitch, a mild form of torrette syndrome that still comes out when im scared, nervous, or stressed, which is a lot, thanks to my anxiety that i also developed as a result of having no friends and therefore no social skills. by age thirteen my mom was begging me to take pills for depression, and i was seeing a therapist who insisted i was on drugs because i couldnt talk to her normally, even though i decline sips of wine from my own mother when she offers it in fear of the affects of alcohol. last year was my peak in all of this. i was so drowned mentally that i would sometimes have random anxiety attacks where i would burst out crying, i was missing a day of school a week at least, i had an all time low confidence, the whole works. this year i went to a new school. one with my only two friends. to my surprise, i made two new ones as well. and let me tell you, everything changed. im still shy, quiet, a bit anti social and i still have lingering social anxiety, but its getting better every day. i no longer miss school unless necessary, the depression cleared up completely and my confidence has risen considerably. i no longer need to make my mother order food for me because i can't talk to the waiter, or get a friend to call the pizza delivery man for me because i can't. so it matters. it sucks. is creates the worst possible burdens and most people will never understand what its like, but it can get better for them, believe it or not.


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