Have you heard of Cheerwine?

Just curious if you've heard of the soda/soft drink called Cheerwine.
I'm from North Carolina where it originated and it is pretty popular here.

For those that have tasted it, did you like it? I like it but it kind of just tastes like cherry Dr. Pepper haha


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  • We from the same place. Never liked it though.

    • cool! you don't meet many people from NC on here haha

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    • Yeah cookout is good, but it makes me have to go shit later. Just being honest lol. It is good though. I like the chicken wraps, hot dogs, and milkshakes.

    • @alonzoslade & opinion owner
      the milkshakes are the best part of Cookout haha

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  • I was drinking it as I read this! I'm from up north but I'm vacationing in North Carolina right now, and I always drink a bucket load while I'm down here because we don't have any up north. It's great, and I love how my tongue is always bright red after I drink it 😂

    • lol that's awesome :) where in NC are you?

    • Ocracoke Island! Absolutely beautiful here.

    • love the NC coast :) and yes it is!

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  • Yes, very popular here as well as sundrop, but Pepsi and Mtn dew are big here too. I live in the Piedmont/Foothills area of NC near Charlotte/Asheville area


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  • Yes, we have that where I live in Virginia. Not many people here drink it though.