Disgusted of kissing my girlfriends mouth?

I didn't realize this until after I took a leak and my dog ran in to drink from the toilet water, I didn't pay any partictular attention to this until I got to the bedroom where I saw my girlfriend kissing him in the mouth going "Who's a cute little dog, that's right you are, you are" I nearly puked.
Please help me I feel nauseous at the very thought of kissing her. What do I do?


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  • I don't know if this matters to you but dogs have special antibodies in their saliva and their mouths are cleaner than a human's mouth. Technically you aren't likely to get dog germs from your girlfriend.


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  • Oh grow up. Where else are you going to kiss her? On her butthole? It's puckered

    • I can't think of any better advice for this question than 'grow up'. Right on.

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  • Just tell her to stop doing that cause it grosses you out, but say it politely "hey babe dogs have tons of mouth germs... so" etc.. then wait tI'll she brushes her teeth


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  • So you don't kiss your dog Either? Damn bro

    But that's okay , just wait a few days and you will forget it

  • Just have her use some mouthwash or something. Pee is reasonably clean, more so than you'd think. Poop not so much.

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