Would you hook up with fat ugly 12 year old to get rich and famous? but 6-8 years down the road people find out and you go to prison for 10 years?

You register as a sex offender. And you were 22 when you hooked up with him/her. And you'll lose all your endorsements and "famous people" type income and oppurtunities forever. You have to give half your money to that kid you hooked up with. It will be all over the news. And YOU CAN'T TELL PEOPLE YOU DID IT TO BE RICH AND FAMOUS haha.

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Oh and your still rich after it happens.


Most Helpful Girl

  • WTF No I wouldn't was my exact reaction to this question. Like really. How did this even pop into your brain?

    • I thought about it because i was asked a similar question just it wasn't foe being rich or famous. But being rich and famous would probably be more attractive then what i was asked. So i decided to ask it.

    • I see the thought process but still. Ewwwwww

Most Helpful Guy

  • So, "I did it to be rich and famous" isn't even an excuse that holds up in court...

    what are you on right now? Jees

    • WTF who said is for court? It is for when your friends and other people ask you why you did it. In this case you can't tell them that part that you only did it to be rich and famous.

    • *its for court

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  • No i wouldn't cuz im gonna be rich and famous anyway...