Why is my guy friend acting strange in this matter?

So me and my guy friend were talking. He wants to make 150 fake kik accounts posing as different types of guys. What he was planning to do with those 150 fake guys, was to message me and see my reactions to all of them. He says he wants to see my reactions and I asked why and he won't answer me. It's bugging me. Why does he want to do this?


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  • He sounds insane! lmao

    • For real. LOL I dont get why he would want to take that extra time and do that to me :o

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    • Lmao he has a girlfriend. He shouldn't be having a shrine of me 😂😂

    • It sounds like it's possible, maybe even likely! hahaa

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  • That's one sneaky dude huh
    What else is he potentially capable of? Id be asking myself that


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  • Why 150 acc? 100 is enough

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