Is oblivion bad or is it me?

ok this is my second go at the game and im in that castle dungeon thing... its really bad
i keep leaving the game

is the game bad or just that one dungeon? does it get better?


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  • I already answered this question before. Oblivion's first dungeon is horrible and causes so many people to quit. I've beaten the game and know how great it is but having to play through that dungeon again usually keeps me from making new characters in it.

    • wow really? that much

      well... alright then ill push through it

    • Yeah it really sucks. Too dark, hard to navigate through, annoying and boring enemies.

    • exactly :\

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  • its a fun game but you gotta be into fantasy RPGs.

  • It's not bad but that's just my opinion. Maybe it's not your kind of game, or the graphics are too lame for you

  • No, it's not bad. I have the same problem with a level on homeworld. It's just such a dull level, sometimes I just wanna cheat code through it. The rest of the game is awesome.

    • alright ill try to push through it

      is it too long?

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