Is it just me or is 2015 a bad year for music?

i mean, it was going downhill in 2014 but, 2015 is just really really poor.
i just checked the USA Singles Top 40 and i can't find a single song that i care about and i have only heard of 1 of them, and it isn't even close to a good song.

just saying personally i feel 2008 to 2013 was good times for music, and i don't understand why the music for the last 2 years were so appallng.

you feel the same?


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  • I definitely feel the way.
    This causes me to feel like an old timer.
    I remember when I was a child, my parents saying music is not the same.
    I thought it was because they were much older.

    Now, I'm in my late 20s and I hear myself saying the same thing as them.
    "Music just isn't what it used to be."

    The fact of the matter that is true.
    Music changes from generation to generation.
    I find music to be more of a catch factor than it is actual talent nowadays.
    A majority of the music videos are becoming pretty much pornography (because women don't wear much clothing any more).
    I just feel it is all going down the drain.

    • nah i don't think it's entirely an age thing, there is simply a very real drop in quality.
      the songs of last 2 years are simply just not as catchy as those before.
      i mean, the top song of 2014 was Pharrell Williams's Happy
      the top song of 2009 was Lady Gaga's Poker Face

      they are not even on the same level.

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    • well actually, as i am from Asia, i think the quality seems to have shifted to K-Pop since 2012, since Gangnam Style, actually.

      just search on youtube for songs like "Fantastic Baby" or "Crooked" or "Ringa Linga" from a group called "Big Bang", and I will be surprised if you don't find these songs just as catchy as some of Lady Gaga's...

    • Ohh ok. Got you!

      Well American music have shifted for garbage trash with words that don't make sense.

      I will search what u are talking about

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  • I've found lots of good music. Your problem is that you're looking in the top forty


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  • The last 5-10 years have been awful


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  • There hasn't been any good music since the mid 2000's for mine.

  • Mainstream music for sure is shit

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