He's hooking up with another girl in the same week we broke up.. do you think he has feelings for her?

He has a history of running back to her, for some reason they always end up involved with each other. They've been friends for almost three years now. Our relationship didn't work out for numerous reason but the biggest factor was that we weren't sexual with each other at all because I'm very reglious. But with this other girl.. he seems to have a good connection with her especially because they've been sexually with each other before.

He started trying to see her again before we even broke up, we called things off for good and now he's definitely planning to see her again.


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  • If he had deep feelings with her, he wouldn't keep running back to her, he'd just stay with her and not leave. She is old and comfortable and familiar and he is using her. Don't feel jealous.


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  • I doubt it. He just wants someone to romp around with.

    If you've called things off for good, why would it matter?

    I'm a Christian and know how difficult it is to keep to the law :/

    Wish you all the best!


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