What's this 'dark side of the internet' that I keep hearing about?

Have you ever visited it? What is on there? What's the difference between the ' dark side' and the 'normal side'? How do you enter it?


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  • The deep web is an encrypted web service with closed loop exit nodes. You can get on a few ways, using the TOR bundle is easiest. There's a lot of dark crap on there, gets worse as you dig. Cheese pizza, hurtcore, pedo support groups, red rooms, rape videos, snuff videos, homemade gore, etc. The difference between normal internet and deep web is that it's very hard to track you when you're using the deep web. So people use it for things that would normally incriminate them. I used it when I used to pen test, but not anymore

    • Okay i probably didn't understand half of that but i do understand now that i do NOT want to enter into that part of the webπŸ˜²πŸ˜“πŸ˜“

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  • go to 4chan and Reddit, then dig up the worst crap you can find.
    Then remember that's the "white" side of the internet.

    The deep web, which you will ned something like a thor browser (and probably also several layers of proxies) is even worse than that. Silk road (drug trading network), shady porn (seriously, you think pople posting illegal stuff wouldn't hide it?), EXTENSIVE black markets...
    i'm pretty sure you'd find human brains for sale if you dug arround a little...
    That's the shady side of the deep web
    It's also used A LOT by news agencies operating in restricted areas, and generally people living there. Simply because if yused right, you're litterally IMPOSSIBLE to track. So obviously a reporter going against... say china... while in china, would use it to not get caught.

    Also there's the layer under the deep web. Lots of shit made up about it, but in truth it's just a bunch of lost data that doesn't add up or have any use. The rst you hear is pure humbug.

    • OHH MYY!
      I didn't know!

    • yeah... stay away from the deep web. Not a place you want to be.
      Also... feds catching your IP on some of those bans can earn you a trip to jail...

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    • Lol what kind of cookies? And what about wifi?

    • Every type of cookie! That's what makes the dark side soooo seductive.

      Plus, look at that box on his chest; there's no way he doesn't have wifi in that thing. :)

    • Hmmm that does sound Very seductive!!

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  • It's called the "deepweb" and no it's not real there is this browser that was programed to show you disturbing websites by someone who has a ton of time on his hands. Yes there are horrible things going on on this world and there is plenty of messed up shit in the "normal" web

    • Why do you say it's not real?

    • cause it is not real the internet is pretty fucked up as it is and some dude just made up a deepweb story and made a browser that tricks you into thinking you are browsing a "forbiden" part of the online world.

  • It is just a bullshit that I dont even wonder though I heard many times

  • It's not usually a place for girls. I'm sorry. It isn't sexist, it's just that it is filled with shit MOST females would find utterly deplorable and disgusting.

    • it's filled with shit MOST people would find to be such.
      And the rest is generally plain illegal XD

    • Yup that's true to I guess. I'm just not the kind of person who gets offended or grossed out by much and illegal activities are simply things people in power don't want you to do because they can't make money off it.

    • I understand what you mean :O
      This is terrible!

  • It is called the deep web and I use it. There is not anything there that makes it a mystery. Basically on the deep web if you have ever put anything on the regular web it is on the deep web even if you deleted it.

    • Like any pics you have uploaded on apps or on Facebook etc?

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    • Wow seems a little creepy :\

    • @Mistnigqa808 the intrigue continues

  • Deep web or darknet, you need TOR.


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  • i too have heard about it but wouldn't know how to get on it

    • Use Tor browser. You just download it and bam you are connected to it.

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    • OUt of print books or electronic copies of about any book you can think of, unfiltered wikileaks that allows you to see what is really going on or how incorrect a lot of the news that is being reported is, scientific journal articles that were online but no longer (it helps scientist and not to mention graduate or Phd students a lot), plus just because we use it doesn't mean we are on there for bad reasons some of us are contracted out to help catalog the deep web through government projects, it's like pirate bay on steriods, etc

    • Also the internet you use currently is only about 20% of the internet the other 80% is made up of the deep web

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